"Tanya makes me believe in myself, which I never used to do. Many of my latest life accomplishments are a result of the work I've been doing with her.  Sometimes Tanya and I work at length on a specific issue, and sometimes I just need a single session to figure something out with the help of her guidance.  Tanya's so genuine and is always eager to hear updates on how I'm doing.  I gain more and more confidence in myself every time we work together and I'm so thankful that I found her."   Cait | New York

“From the first moment I met Tanya, she was so caring and understanding. I immediately made a connection and felt comfortable talking with her. The advice she has given me has been extremely helpful and continues to help me every day. The things she has taught me about myself, and about how to handle situations, has been, and will continue to be, so helpful. I am really thankful that I met Tanya, she has made a difference in my life, and I am so grateful for her! I have a friend for life!”

Caroline (13) | Boston

 “Being able to have our daughter talk with someone freely and objectively has been so important to Caroline’s development. Tanya has addressed each situation individually, and has been able to formulate a plan for Caroline to successfully navigate the often frustrating part of being a teenager. We feel so blessed to have found Tanya. From our first conversation over the phone, it felt like we had known her for years! She has made such a positive impact in our daughter’s life and we will be forever grateful.

Amy and Keith (parents) | Boston

"Tanya is amazing! Her coaching presence is spot on, and she has helped me to get my life where I knew it could be.  I couldn't have done it without her.  I definitely recommend Tanya."  

Elizabeth | California 

"Tanya has been an amazing life coach for me.  It took awhile to find someone as relatable and real as she is.  Tanya has been coaching me through life transitions that I would have been going through all alone if it weren't for her support.  Tanya never tells me what to do, rather, she helps me make the discoveries and revelations on my own.  This has been so instrumental to the confidence I've gained, and the power I'm taking back, after all the years of being powerless.  I have daughters, and some day if they need an extra confidence boost, Tanya is exactly who they'll work with!"  

Sarah | East Greenwich, Rhode Island

 "Life coaching is her calling! Tanya has been such a gift to my daughter who has been struggling with social anxiety and body image issues.  From the start, Tanya was so empathetic and understanding of my daughter, that she opened right up.  I had anticipated having to fight her to go to her sessions, but she actually looks forward to her weekly meetings, and the journaling has been wonderful for her.  I feel so grateful for what Tanya’s doing for my daughter, myself, and for our family as a whole."  

Kim | Barrington, Rhode Island