My Personal Journey Here:

Hello and welcome! My name is Tanya Ouhrabka, a Certified Life Coach, and I’m so glad you’re here. Hopefully you’re doing lots of research looking for the Life Coach who best resonates with you and what you need, so I’ll go ahead and tell you a bit about myself.

My life path began in an alcoholic home, with a mother newly suffering from the almighty powerful disease that would inevitably define all that I was and all that I am today for the bad in the past and the good of today. Sobriety changed the path for my mother, and for myself, when I was ten years old.  Her sobriety began a path of re-connecting to her true self and began a path of my self-discovery through un-learning, re-patterning and self-acceptance in the twenty years to follow. 

Who would I have been without this in my life I could ask myself, yet there isn’t an answer. If there were an answer, it would serve no purpose, for I am who I am today thanks to all that I went through. Not only am I the person I am today because of it, I’m able to help women like you to be the best version of yourself. I’m championing women to achieve greater self-acceptance, self-confidence, authenticity and self-love with deep understanding of the work it takes to get there and the peace and power it will bring you.

We all have a story. Each and every one of us has a history and a truth that we process uniquely from anyone else.  Therefore, each of us needs our own tools for coping with life as we experience it through our own lens. I am here, dedicated to bringing you those tools so you can look through your lens without self-limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging messages. We have power over our minds. With mindset shifts and changes in perspective, we get clarity and power to control our lives.

I look back on my journey with immense gratitude, you can, and you will too. 

My Professional Journey Here:

I graduated with a bachelor’s of Psychology from Lake Forest College in 1994. Although I began a master’s program to become a licensed clinical social worker, I took a break which led me to this amazing destination of Life Coaching, through certification at The World Coach Institute. Throughout the post graduate years leading up to now, I have been greatly fulfilled by the interior design business I founded and my staging work in real estate. Nothing resonated with me in those lines of work though more than the ever familiar and centering moments when I was able to help a client on an emotional level. The minute the tables turned from discussions about paint colors or load bearing walls to personal issues, I felt I’d returned home, I felt a sense of fulfillment I found nowhere else. The gratitude I would receive from my clients in those moments was invaluable and I cherished it with all of my heart. As these moments grew more and more common, as I was becoming more and more open to them again, life serendipitously came together. Here I am, speaking to you. There’s no place I’d rather be, I am so very grateful.

I’ve been there, many have been there. Some of us more than others. I’m one of the “more than other’s”, but that’s alright!  The amazing thing about life is that while it offers us challenges, it also presents us with plenty of beautifully amazing moments. Being open to these moments is not always easy when one is not living in a way that allows them to be received. 

As a Life Coach I work with you to shift your mindset and perspectives in order to achieve self-acceptance, to release the judgements and to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself.  You deserve this, we all deserve to be happy, and I want to help you achieve it. Together we will stop the self-limiting beliefs, increase your self-confidence and self-awareness, and shift your perception in order to align you with your true authentic self. There is no reason why you can’t do this.  There is no reason why you shouldn’t be living a fulfilled life. You’ll hear me say again and again, YOU ARE, YOU CAN, AND YOU WILL.  Change your thoughts in order to change your life!

I utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy concepts for problem focused, action oriented change along with Mindfulness Techniques to achieve awareness and purposeful living. 

Say Y.E.S! to Your Extraordinary Self.