ONE ON ONE COACHING FOR WOMEN: coaching sessions occur in person should proximity allow. Alternatively, we will utilize FaceTime, Skype, or phone. I am local to The Upper Valley area in NH & East Bay, RI.

This is an opportunity for us to connect by phone in order for me to explain life coaching and how I work, as well as answering any questions you may have. I so look forward to our chat and seeing how I can support you and be of service to you. (Our call will last between 10-20 minutes)


This is a 60 minute session. In this session we will dig deep to bring awareness to your feelings, process them, and shift perspectives. Together we will create obtainable action steps which will bring you long term mindset shifts and life changes - mind, body, and spirit. We find our true significance through self-fulfillment and self-acceptance, our session will give you the foundation for this life goal. I will be following up with you via email after the session. 

This package consists of 5 - 60 minutes sessions. We will focus on shifting perspective and creating obtainable action steps towards long term transformation. We will pull back the layers of limiting beliefs and negative self-messaging so that you can achieve huge shifts in perspective-for transformative life change. You will receive session recap emails with journal prompts, exercises, and worksheets. As your partner in this process, I am supporting you with accountability. This work will greatly support you in living authentically and in alignment with your purpose and truth.

 This is the most intensive yet flexible way to work with me. Together we will pull back the layers of the limiting beliefs and negative messaging so that you can embrace your true authentic self today, living in the moment not in the future. No more ‘when-then’ and ‘if-then’ thinking that keeps you stuck. As your partner in this process we will communicate on a regular unlimited basis through email, phone calls, and text messaging. I will be there to support you through the process of letting go of old messages and patterns, making space for self-acceptance and self-fulfillment. Transformational mindset shifts in perspective will empower you to live life authentically and in alignment with your true self. In addition to this unlimited and flexible communication, we will have regularly scheduled weekly 60 minute sessions. In these sessions I will strategize with you on the week ahead, offering tools and strategies to navigate situations that may arise and support you with accountability.  This mentorship is 3 months in duration.



What does a life coach do?
We use strategic action and communication techniques to help clients find success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

Do I need to be local to your area in order to work with you?
With technology being what it is today, I'm able to work with clients remotely all over the world.  If you're local and would like to meet in person that's great, but if not, you'll have our sessions in the privacy of your own home

Who should work with a life coach?
Everyone can benefit from working with a life coach, even coaches get coached.  We all have periods in life in which we can use extra guidance and support.

How long should I expect to work with you?
The duration of our work together will depend on what you're working on in your life.  Sometimes clients just need to do a check in, sometimes we work on particular issues for a longer period of time.  You will have control over how much time you need and I will be there for you as needed.