I AM.png

Say Y.E.S! to Your Extraordinary Self

Say I Am Who I Am

Deeply connect to you inner compass

Own your voice

Be confident in your What & Why

Be unequivocal about your No!

Be the director of your life and the creator
of your success

Confident & Self-assured!


 In order to be truly successful, we must first know WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE WANT, and even more importantly-WHAT WE DON' T WANT. We must have a true inner knowing of our values-an inner compass that guides us in decision making and life judgements. We must have emotional intelligence.  The 'I AM' workshop is an opportunity for collegiate women to tune into their inner compass prior to taking the big step. The stronger the connection to this inner knowing, this emotional intelligence, the more resilience, grit, determination, and confidence she will have.

To sign up, please email me through the button below.  Let me know in the message box which workshop date you will attend and how many guests.  The workshop will be held in Warren, RI at 100 Elm Street.  I will give you more details when we correspond, also feel free to call me at (401) 487-5868.  I look forward to having you!